Make Your Mom Feel Special This Mother's Day!

Mother’s Day is May 9 this year. It’s coming up, so don’t forget to let mom know you  appreciate her.

She cooked, she cleaned, she ran around after you, and she made you the person you are today, so DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT forget to celebrate your Mom on mother’s day this year! Feeling lost for what the woman who has everyone might want? Don’t worry - we’ve got you covered.

Framed Family Photo

Ah, a classic. Framed family photos make great gifts because it shows you appreciate the time and effort Mom took to pick outfits, get everyone together, and coordinate the photography. This is the perfect gift for Mother’s Day because you save mom time and energy -- she’s going to frame that photo eventually anyway, so why not do it for her?

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Holders & Sconces For Her Candles! 

Shop Candle Holders and Sconces at HiEnd Accents

How does mom always make her house smell so good? The answer? CANDLES! You know she’s always burning that seasonally-relevant candle (pumpkin spice in October, am I right?), so why not help her make the candle look stylish with a candle holder? Or even better, a sconce, which is just a fancy word for a wall-mounted candle holder. Mom will be impressed that you know what a sconce is.

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Bedding - With Texture! 

You know how Mom is always talking about layers? “Bring a jacket?” she’ll say. Well it’s generally a good life principle, and it applies to everything (clothing, cakes, you name it ) … including bedding! When you get mom layering pieces (be it in fashion or interior design), be sure to incorporate texture - mixing and matching texture creates a distinctive look.

Here are some of our favorite basics that create texture, but will still match Mom’s existing home bedding:

Shop Waffle Weave Coverlets at HiEnd Accents

So here we are recommending textured basics because their pattern will match any interior design mom has come up with, but the texture will give it that extra oomph. HiEnd Accents’ Waffle Weave Coverlet comes in four basic colors, and it’s the perfect blanket for those not-warm-but-not-comforter-weather nights to keep you perfectly comfortable. 

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Matelassé Duvet Coverlet Set

Shop Matelassé Duvet Coverlet Set

Matelassé is a stitching technique from the French Riviera that gives fabrics an elegant quilted look. Does mom have a solid white duvet that’s seen better days? She’ll love this gorgeous patterned duvet coverlet set, and you’ll get extra points if you fill the duvet cover.

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Hera Linen Duvet Coverlet

Hera Linen Duvet Cover Set at HiEnd Accents

What is with Moms and linen? If your Mom is anything like mine, she is obsessed with natural fabrics, linen included. I get it - linen is known for being hypoallergenic, durable, and fast-drying - so it’s incredibly convenient to have around. But as I get older, I’ve started to notice it’s texture also just looks good. I think Moms have been onto something all along… so treat yours to some nice new linen duvet coverlets!

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Lyla Quilt

Lyla Quilt at HiEnd Accents

Quilts represent tradition -  the technique dates back to medieval times! So if Mom loves to keep a traditional home, gift her a beautiful traditional quilt, like the Lyla Reversible quilt set featuring two American home styles - floral print on one side and stripes on the other.

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Throws & Blankets

Shop Throws and Blankets at HiEnd Accents

Is your parents’ house a little chilly? Is mom always cold on the couch when she’s reading a book? Time to get that throw blanket going - and we’ve got options for you! Pebble Creek Throw is a fun lightweight throw that looks airy but will keep you just warm enough. Faux Wolf Fur Throw will be warmer, and gives more of a lodge-themed look to Mom’s living room.

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HiEnd Accents Online Gift Card  

Can’t decide?  Give Mom the gift of shopping with a gift card!  Let Mom pick the gift she wants!