Our Favorite Romantic Chic & Shabby Bedding

You may not have heard of Romantic Chic & Shabby bedding, but it’s one of our personal favorites. The light colors, the floral details, and the frilly pillows combine to create a look that takes our breath away.

Today we’re going to share a few of our favorite bedding sets from this genre, with an explanation of why we like them and a look at their design inspiration. We’re also going to explain how to embrace the Romantic look in a bedroom.

Jolie 7-Piece Duvet Cover Set

Jolie was designed for anyone who isn’t afraid of a little color, but isn’t interested in buying a patterned bedspread. It’s the perfect pastel pink and can be paired with vibrant décor if you want more of a statement.

Belle 3-Piece Sateen Cotton Bedding Set

Belle is like the Jolie, but instead of pink, it’s a pale blue with floral details on the comforter and pillows. We love the curlicues because they add detail without being too distracting from the calming shade of blue.

Fleur de Lis 3-Piece Quilt Set

The Fleur de Lis is a stylized lily that has been used by many European coats of arms, and has now entered the design world. We love the monochromatic use of it here—the dark gray and light gray contrast so well without taking away from the peaceful environment around it. The dark trim around the bedspread and pillows complements the pattern well.

Luna Bedspread Set w/Drop Skirt, White

The Luna bedspread is simple but so effective. We love the dramatic 33” drop from the edge of the bed to the floor which makes it look like it’s owned by royalty. The Luna bedspread comes in three colors: taupe, gray, and white. Each of them would work great with many different color schemes.

Nicole 3-Piece Damask Duvet Cover Set


For Nicole, we took inspiration from the damask-style and modernized it a bit. Damask actually originated in China over two thousand years ago, and it’s become a classic in home décor and interior design. To modernize it, we made the print larger and opted for a cool gray and white scheme.

Nicole is perfect for anyone looking for a more neutral, but still feminine feeling in their bedroom. The duvet cover is also 100% cotton, which breathes well and lasts for a long time.

Gramercy 4-Piece Aqua Comforter Set in Floral Print

Our Gramercy comforter set, like the Belle, has some color but can read as a neutral if paired with other neutral décor. The floral pattern is Jacobean, meaning that it is inspired by English-style furniture from the reign of King James in the early 1600s. The more ornate floral design is balanced by the simple, cool aqua tone.

Ready to decorate the rest of your space?

Now that you know more about our Romantic Chic & Shabby bedding, we wanted to touch on how to pick other décor that matches the style. Typically, Romantic Chic & Shabby décor is characterized by lighter tones of wood, florals, mixed patterns, and a soft color palette. The style is meant to feel like it was collected over time instead of bought all at once, so you can check your local thrift store to find vintage pieces. We love the idea of a DIY project where you paint over furniture you already have and distress it for a more historic look.

Enough from us—we want to see your Romantic Chic & Shabby-style rooms! Post your room on social media with the hashtag #hiendaccentsromantic and mention us for a chance to be featured on our social media pages. We can’t wait to see your space!