Home Decorating: How to Arrange and Display Wall Art

Sometimes when we decorate our homes, we forget about the walls. We search for couches, tables, chairs, and beds, but we don’t consider paint or wallpaper until later, if at all. If you want to avoid the stress of painting or wallpapering a room, there are simpler and more affordable ways to decorate the walls. We recommend using wall art to add personality to your home—and here’s some inspiration for you! This is the second part of a three-part series about using little details like pillows and throws, wall art, and table accents to spruce up your home. Make your walls work for you and show off your style.

Make It Three-Dimensional


Flat wall art will always have its place in our homes, but three-dimensional wall art adds a new level of interest and dimension to wall décor. Our Longhorn Wall Sculpture is perfect for this—the horns point up and away so no one gets hurt, and the colorful fabric in the center adds interest.

If you want to get more creative, try hanging up hats, plants, plates, and other objects. Play around with different configurations on the floor first; then, take a photo of your favorite layout and create it on your wall.

Make It Helpful

Wall art is often for decoration, but if you love practicality, you don’t have to sacrifice it! Use hooks, clocks, shelves, or dry erase boards on your wall. If you have art you love too, you don’t have to leave it out! Try mixing functional pieces with decorative ones to create a unique look. You can hang a mirror in your entryway to check your hair before you leave, a dry erase board for grocery lists and appointments in the kitchen - the only limit is your creativity.

Here a couple products we love for functional décor: our Turquoise Inlay Mirror and our Saguaro Cactus Wall Hanging.

Make It Space-Saving

If there are awkward corners in your house where a lamp won’t fit, or your rooms are too full to add more lighting, consider sconces. They add light without taking up floor space, and they add a more luxurious feeling to the room they’re in—almost like you’re in a hotel.

When you pick sconces, consider your lighting needs and the layout of the room. For example, if your bed has one picture frame above it and you need reading lights, placing the sconces an equal horizontal distance from the picture frame and closer to the floor will work well. If it’s in a living room and you want to add sconces for aesthetics, place them symmetrically near your fireplace or window. And finally, if you have young kids, we suggest that you place them away from a chair or table so they don’t climb up and burn their skin on the light bulb.

Make It Work Outside Too

One of the easiest ways to add curb appeal to your home is to personalize your house numbers. Our antler house numbers are durable and weatherproof—perfect for hanging by your door, garage, fence, or mailbox.

Make the Details Count

We often forget about light switch and outlet covers, but they’re great for adding personality to a room in a small dose. These products are perfect for adding more sophistication or fun to a room in an affordable way. A quick safety tip: make sure that the breaker for the outlet is turned off before you replace the light switch or outlet cover.

We offer a variety of light switch covers and outlet covers in different materials and colors, including antler, turquoise, resin, gator, and woodgrain.

Make It Your Own!

Now that you understand more about wall décor, you can start experimenting with different sizes, types, and styles. Feel free to hang unconventional things on your wall too—anything that isn’t too heavy or sharp will work great!

One last tip: to make sure your wall decor will look great, cut out pieces of paper that match the size of each piece and arrange them until you like it. Or (if you’re more tech-savvy), open up Word or Photoshop and mess around with different layouts there.

After you spruce up your own wall décor, take a picture and post it on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with #hiendaccentswall to show it off! Make sure to mention us when you post. Check our blog next week to see the conclusion of this three-part series.