How to Use Pillows and Throws to Create a Striking Look

Do you ever see a room on social media that has that “wow” factor? You try your best to replicate it in your home, but it doesn’t seem as eye-catching. The secret to creating a striking room is not in the bigger pieces but in the smaller details. In this three-part series, we discuss how to use pillows and throws, wall art, and table accents to add the extra flair your home has been lacking. Pillows and throws are affordable but stylish—perfect for reviving a room without too much effort. 

Use textures and patterns to stand out

Robert Denning, an interior designer famous for his French Victorian décor, once said, “Texture and pattern should function as a surprise.” At HiEnd Accents, we take it one step further: surprise is crucial for a room to be stunning. That’s why we offer striped, plaid, velvet, quilted, and even leather pillows. Our throws have just as much variety, with fringe, faux fur, cowhide, and other textures.

How do you use these textures and patterns in practice? The key is to contrast them a little—throw a faux fur blanket on a leather sofa or a leather pillow on a quilted bed. Here we added a fuzzy blush lumbar pillow to contrast with our thin and smooth Sadie quilt set.

Too much contrast can be overwhelming, but too little won’t earn a second glance. If you’re having trouble finding the balance, ask your family members or friends for a second opinion. Feeling really brave? Post your favorite two combinations on social media and ask your followers to vote.

Go off the recommended track with color

Another thing you may have noticed from these social media posts is that they often use shocking color combinations, like navy blue and hot pink. Using a bright pillow or throw will add an unexpected and fun atmosphere to the room, which is great for living spaces.

To start experimenting, try our Tammy Round Box pillow, which features bright red, turquoise, gold, and green. It would work great in a monochromatic room or one that already has a few contrasting patterns and colors.

Don’t be afraid to use less typical sources of inspiration. Your favorite painting, movie, place, or outfit could serve as the color palette for your room. Try layering throws or pillows in a different order to change the color emphasis in the room.

Change depending on the season

If you want your home to change with the seasons, switching out pillows and throws is a great way to do it! In the spring and summer, use florals, pastels, and lighter colors to facilitate a relaxed, almost resort-like feeling. The three pillows featured here are great for summer: Belmont pillow with pom trim, Catalina Coral pillow, and our Linen Crab pillow.

When Christmas and New Year’s come along, change out the pillows for something red and green, pale blue, sequined, silver, or gold. The pillows will echo the festive décor in the rest of your home.

Experiment with pillow sizes

Differently sized pillows aren’t just for the bedroom. Use a mix of lumbar (long and skinny), neckroll (round and skinny), Euro, and square pillows to create an eclectic feeling in your living room. No one wants their house to feel too cookie-cutter, and different-sized pillows are a great way to avoid that feeling. At HiEnd Accents, we use that trick all the time when we show beds—pillows help it feel more luxurious and put together.

For example, you could put two square pillows at each end of a sofa and a long lumbar pillow in the center. Our Wilshire Half & Half pillows would look great paired with our Piedmont lumbar pillow.

Mix styles

Who says you can’t have a Western chic and shabby aesthetic? Or a Southwestern take on the coastal style? Combining different styles of pillows or throws is a great way to dip your toe in the water of style mixing. If you like it, you can search for more products that match that combination in the future.

Time to get started

Now that you know the basics, you can start accessorizing your home to make it more beautiful. Pillows and throws can add another element to a room—like a new texture, color, or pattern—or they can be used to enhance the room’s overall style. If you want to show off your new combinations (or your excellent throw draping skills), post your before and after pictures on social media and mention us!

Feeling stuck? Post a photo of the room on social media and mention us with the hashtag #hiendaccentstotherescue and we’ll give some advice!

Next week, we’ll be discussing how wall art can bring your rooms up a notch—and how to plan it out quickly and effectively.