Spring Is Here! ( ... so it’s time to clean & replace those comforters with quilts)

Desert landscape scene with cactus and red sand

After you finish Marie Kondo-ing your home, HiEnd Accents is here to help you decorate in style. This year, I personally am loving Southwestern Sophistication aesthetic for spring, since its warmth reminds me of sunnier days. Let’s leave winter behind with some easy home redecorations.Five of my spring favorites are:

Desert Skull Collection

I know, I know, “florals for spring... groundbreaking.” What Miranda Priestly didn’t know in the 2000s was that with the pandemic, we all want to bring a little bit of nature indoors. After you deep clean your bathroom, liven it up by showing off the arid beauty of the Arizona desert.

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Pillow Down Inserts

Maybe this isn’t the most exciting piece of decor in your house, but when was the last time you replace your pillows? It might be time to throw those old pillows out. Wash those pillowcases, and replace those pillow inserts. Trust me - your skin will thank you.

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Bonita Talavera Melamine

HiEnd Accents Bonita Talavera Melamine Set

Hello sunshine, goodbye winter! I’m so excited for the start of outdoor dining season because you know what that means - boozy brunch with the gal pals. Invite your girls over for some huevos rancheros & breakfast margaritas (keeping with the southwestern spring theme). The best part? Cleanup will be so easy - since in addition to being extremely durable, melamine is dishwasher safe.

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Sadie Reversible Quilt

HiEnd Accents Sadie Reversible Quilt

Who else is an aspiring plant mom out there? The Sadie quilt is perfect for springtime, because you won’t overheat like with a comforter, but it provides just enough warmth to get you through cooler nights. And besides, it’s just so cute with all those flowering cacti and succulents! I don’t know about you, but I love the look of plants, even if I can’t always keep them alive. So having greenery in my home decor is the perfect accent to make up for for not having a green thumb.

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Saguaro Cactus Wall Hanging With Hooks

Saguero Cactus Wall Hanging w/ Hooks

Sometimes, despite my best efforts, clothes just end up strewn across my room. It’s not that I’m a messy person, but these clothes just don’t have a home. Enter wall hooks. You need them in your life - they are perfect for those once-worn clothes that aren’t ready to be washed yet. I am obsessed with cactuses - cacti? - and can’t get enough of the entire HiEnd Accents Saguaro Cactus collection. These hooks are like wall decor with a purpose

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