How to Make a Beautiful Summer Tablescape

Complicated table settings can be confusing for many of us—how many forks do I use? How do I fold the napkins? What is the difference between soup bowls and regular bowls? Today we’re going to step away from the etiquette and towards the fun with steps to make your table beautiful.

1. Table runners add texture and ambiance

Table runners are often overlooked, but they are great for adding a pop of color or texture to the table. You can use a natural fabric for a more casual feeling or something lacy or embroidered for a more formal occasion. When it comes to length and width, it’s your choice. Short table runners can be more practical because they don’t move around as much, but longer table runners add drama.

2. Placemats protect your tablecloth and table

No one likes doing laundry or ironing more than they have to. Placemats can save a lot of time because they protect tablecloths from stains. If you don’t have a tablecloth, placemats are still great because they protect your table from scratches or dings. Like table runners, they can add texture and color. If you prefer a more neutral tablescape, placemats can be used as another neutral layer and add depth.

3. Dinner and salad plates are the best chance to make an impact

You may have seen a double layer of plates in pictures online and wondered what the purpose is. Dinner and salad plates are different sizes because they are meant for different parts of the meal. The salad plate is used before for, well, salad, and the larger plate is meant for the entrée. You can use both or one depending on what you prefer.

Part of the reason you see dinner and salad plates stacked is that the double border it creates is aesthetically pleasing. We love our Bonita collection because the plates’ borders create a colorful and interesting pattern to look at.

4. Napkins and napkin rings help it feel special

Is there anything that makes you feel fancier than cloth napkins? We thought so. Cloth napkins do need to be laundered, but they are more environmentally friendly and can last many years. If you get a few in neutral colors, they’ll work well for years.

Napkin rings were originally used to distinguish family members’ cloth napkins between wash days. Today, they just add personality to your kitchen. If you have kids, you can let them pick one that they love, or you can pick a color palette or theme yourself.

5. Cups and mugs should be high-quality

Depending on what you need, you can add coffee mugs, cups, or wine glasses next. We recommend that you invest in something simple and high-quality so that your glasses match with any season’s décor. A tip to keep wine glasses clean: use warm vinegar and soak them for an hour before rinsing with hot water. That will keep them looking beautiful for a while!

6. Serving plates and bowls add functionality

High-quality serving plates and bowls will last a long time and can protect your table from high heat. Make sure to add table protectors between the plates and the table!

7. Candles, flowers, and other decorations

The best part of making a tablescape is adding the little touches that make your table look gorgeous. Cut flowers from their stems and spread them around the plates, or add a bowl and fill it with your favorite fruits. Buy floating candles and use them in water bowls for a romantic feeling, or use colorful glass bottles for a more eclectic character.

The tablescapes you see online may seem too perfect to make in your own home, but we believe with these tips and a little creativity, you can create a beautiful table. As you become better at layering table décor, you can start mixing patterns, textures, and colors to create a unique look.

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